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amphithéatre Seguin (à côté de la bibliothèque de l’INSA)

Jeudi 23/10 - 14h00

Présentation du projet IGEM - équipe INSA

Safe genetically engineered bacteria for the bioremediation of nickel in water

The INSA-Lyon team is developping an E. coli-based platform as an alternative depollution method for metal contamination in water using an amyloid-display system for surface-functionalization, called CurLy’On. As far as France is concerned, drinkable water contamination from the metal pipes is a real issue. Indeed, the cost is estimated to twenty billion euros to fully replace the existing infrastructure. Using our system based on nano-sponge surfaces for water purification, we propose to extend this concept into a cheap bacterial filter as a solution. Indeed, the use of surface-specific protein particularly benefits the biotechnology research field, and extensively the synthetic biology field, in depollution alternative strategies but also in the medical field by improving the dialysis’ filter specificty on various metals for renal-insufficient patients