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Salle Guillermond, bat. HERBIER

Vendredi 22/01/16 - 11h

Georgi Muskhelishvili, Professeur invité de l’UCBL

"DNA polymer as a device carrying two types of information : a challenge for the future"

Résumé :
The digital linear coding carried by the base pairs in the DNA double helix is now known to have an important component that acts by altering, along its length, the natural shape and stiffness of the molecule. In this way, one region of DNA is structurally distinguished from another, constituting an additional form of encoded information manifest in three-dimensional space. These shape and stiffness variations help in guiding and facilitating the DNA during its three-dimensional spatial interactions. The two DNA information types are intrinsically coupled in the primary sequence organisation, and this coupling is directly relevant to regulation of the genetic function. Advancement of a novel holistic methodology for integration of the physical and dynamic features of the transcribed sequences with their functional content enables to identify spatiotemporal domains of gene expression harboring different functions. I will give an overview of very recent developments and describe promising future lines of enquiry.