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The aim of the AME team is to develop innovative biotechnological solutions, focusing on Archaea as a source of genes of biotechnological interest, and using synthetic biology as a genetic approach to improve microbial-assisted removal and sequestration of pollutants. We identify and characterize pathways relevant to biotechnology using a combined physiological, metabolomic and genomic approach, and use these pathways to genetically engineer a bacterial chassis and design biotechnological solutions for liquid effluent purification. On the long term the team aims at creating an engineered archaeal chassis based on one of the Thermococcales species in order to benefit from the extended growth and stress-resistance characteristics of this group to bring industrial bioprocesses to higher temperature and pressures.

The team is involved in three research axes :

  • Axis 1 : An interdisciplinary approach to study the adaptive traits to extreme conditions
  •  Axis 2 : Genome mining for novel metabolic pathways in extreme environments
  • Axis 3 : Development of innovative pollutant treatment bioprocesses

Research at AME is currently funded by

  • ANR through the ArchaeoMembranes grant (ANR-17-CE11-0012-01)
  • Royal Society in collaboration with Pr. Nick Brooks (Imperial College)
  • MDB Texinov through a CIFRE partnership

AME team members work in close collaboration with the groups of :