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Vendredi 27/05/16 - 11h00

Béatrice Py, LCB, CNRS, Marseille

Biogenèse des centres Fe-S chez E. coli

Résumé : Iron-sulfur (Fe-S) clusters are ubiquitous cofactors present in a myriad of proteins controlling processes as diverse as DNA replication, photosynthesis, respiration and gene regulation. Their assembly and delivery into apo-proteins are catalyzed by different multi-protein systems conserved throughout prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Because so many cellular processes are dependent upon Fe-S proteins, alteration of the Fe-S clusters biogenesis systems has profound impact on cellular physiology. Our lab has been interested in early and late steps of Fe-S clusters biogenesis by studying (i) the contribution of the bacterial frataxin whose homologue in humans is associated with Friedreich’s ataxia, a neurodegenerative disease, and (ii) how Fe-S clusters are delivered to apo-proteins.