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vendredi 14 octobre - 12h15

Répétition de l’équipe IGEM de l’INSA

Amphi Gaston Berger - INSA

Abstract : According to the World Health Organization, more than one million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide. STIs are a major concern regarding reproductive health beyond the immediate impact. Initiating early patient care allows a better efficiency of the treatment. Rapid detection and distinction of STIs are therefore a crucial task.
To provide a solution, we developed an all-in-one multi-detection device. We chose a recent and promising biotechnology enabling a robust detection of a wide variety of biomarkers. This approach is based on the high specific recognition of aptamers for a particular macromolecule. As a proof of concept, we focus first on the diagnosis of HIV and hepatitis B.
By offering a simultaneous test for several diseases, our device has strong potential to improve early home diagnosis. From a body fluid sample, the patient will therefore be able to rapidly assess his health status at a low cost.