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Mercredi 24 Octobre - 11h00

Séminaire invité "MTSB" de Jean-François Collet, Institut de Duve, Bruxelles, Belgique.
Réponse au stress chez les bactéries.

Amphi bat. Herbier

Titre du séminaire : How Bacteria deal with stress : a tale of two proteins


Bacteria live in always changing environments where they encounter a variety of toxic compounds. In my seminar, I will describe how CnoX and RcsF, two unrelated proteins, allow enterobacteria to protect themselves against bleach and antibiotics, respectively, using novel mechanisms. I will explain why CnoX is the founding member of a new family of protein folding factors that we named chaperedoxins. I will also tell the story of RcsF, a stress sensor that we are using to investigate the mysteries of the cell envelope.

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