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Mercredi 10 Octobre - 11h00

Séminaire invité "MAP" de Guillaume Tétreau, IBS, Grenoble.
Porines, biofilms et résistance aux antibiotiques chez Providencia stuartii

Amphi Lwoff

Providencia stuartii is a gram-negative bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family. It is considered as an opportunistic pathogen that infects patients with long-term catheterization and with severe burns. Although not the predominant isolate responsible for nosocomial infections, the increasing number of cases is particularly alarming, notably due to the difficulty of eradicating the pathogen. Indeed, P. stuartii is resistant to a wide range of antibiotics and is able to form large cohesive biofilms, which makes it a long lasting and painful urinary tract companion.
To uncover potential new targets for P. stuartii control, we investigated the role of porins, the most abundant protein from the outer membrane, in the formation and maintenance of biofilms. We evidenced that dimers of trimers (DOTs) of porins were at the basis of cell-to-cell contact and communication, which makes them good targets for biofilm-disrupting treatments. In parallel, we investigated the composition of RND- efflux pumps and their response to different categories of antibiotics. This aimed at identifying the different assemblies of AcrB-AcrA-TolC domains to characterize their role in different forms of the bacteria (free living and biofilms) and to eventually resolve their structure. Altogether, these results paves the way for future integrated treatments against antibiotic-resistant biofilm-forming pathogenic bacteria.

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